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This Wiki is a collaborative space dedicated to NGames' 2D MMORPG "Divines of the East". You'll find here more informations about in game mechanisms and character optimisations.

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New Server FairyGround (2013-july-19)

Maintenance (2013-july-17)

★Event One: Shop Promotions, Half-off Sale! [Duration] 21:30 July 17th - 23:59 July 21st, GMT-5 2013

★Event Two: Daily Small Top-up [Duration] 21:30 July 17th - 23:59 July 23th, GMT-5 2013

★Event Three: Double Experience For Loop Quests, Level Up Rapidly![Duration] 21:30 July 17th - 23:59 July 23th, GMT-5 2013

  • Fix some display errors in game

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