New Server FairyGround (2013-july-19)Edit

Maintenance (2013-july-17)Edit

★Event One: Shop Promotions, Half-off Sale! [Duration] 21:30 July 17th - 23:59 July 21st, GMT-5 2013

★Event Two: Daily Small Top-up [Duration] 21:30 July 17th - 23:59 July 23th, GMT-5 2013

★Event Three: Double Experience For Loop Quests, Level Up Rapidly![Duration] 21:30 July 17th - 23:59 July 23th, GMT-5 2013

  • Fix some display errors in game

DoTE Chapter One : Saint Rebirth (2013-july-01)Edit

  • Evil Temple: Players can challenge Tyant Bear, Nine Tails Fox, Beast Oracle, Thunder Saint, Momiji and Nian for 3 times per day and get rewards.
  • Enchant Weapon: All weapons in the game can be embedded with skills. Once it’s done, the corresponding character and mate skills can be boosted. The max level increase is 20. Available at Lv.45
  • Immortal VS Demon Event: Faction War